Charlie Sheen
It's Charlie Sheen; Duh, winning.
by benngunn777 March 11, 2011
Losing your extremely high-profile, high-paying job, your wife, your children and your mind and being too prideful to get help with the drug addiction and anger issues that caused you to lose them.
"I'm not bi-polar; I'm bi-winning!" -- Charlie Sheen, about his current winning streak
by Zukashin March 10, 2011
to be Charlie Sheen
I'm not bi-polar. I'm bi-winning.
by moi12345 March 09, 2011
The act of being Charlie Sheen
Lets talk about something exciting, Me!!!...winning!
by jfitz136 March 09, 2011
Winning is defined as being excellent in life. Top dog. Doing your own thing and being you. WINNING!
You know, there's only one person on Earth who is truly winning, and that's Charlie Sheen. And he's not even from here, he's a total bitchin' rockstar from Mars.
by tygr20 March 03, 2011
What Charlie Sheen does.
Look at me, winning.
by WWCSD March 03, 2011
High on cocaine or other some other stimulant; popularized by celebrity Charlie Sheen.
1) I just drank three 5 hour energies - I am winning as hell!

2) Yo, let's get winning tonight!
by hum27 March 02, 2011

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