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When you pour honey all over your dick and bang your partner in the ass.
We started with a dirty sanchez but then things got sticky after I Winnie the Poo-ed the shit out of her last night.
by Pebbles Domus February 05, 2011
V: This sex act consists of fisting one's butthole, and then licking their fingers. It looks alot like Winnie the Pooh eating honey out of a jar.
Chris: Hey what did you last night?

Logan: yo man, i Winnie the Pooed my girlfriend i think i caught an infection and pink eye.
by fbgetmoney April 21, 2009
A very groovey bear.
Winnie The Poo spent all day doing a lot of nothing in particular. In fact thats how he'd spent the entire week.
by Icoe March 26, 2005
When one proceeds to excrete a tubby orange bear, wearing a red shirt although no pants, straight out of their behind.
Woman: AAAAAAAAaaaaAaaaaAaarrrgggGGgGghhhHh!!1!1!!!



Winnie the Pooh: Hello, piglette!
by KittyMittenShitten October 14, 2010
The act of break and enter or avoiding police by means of punching a whole through fence or window, then attempting to climb through.
they caught a methhead pulling a winnie the poo through a laundrymat window. i guess he didn't know it was open past 6.
by godii September 13, 2010