When one rags a tigger, and often poo's ones pants...
"I ragged tigger and pooed my pants last night therefore i am winnie the pooh"
by whopoo? March 10, 2009
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1. The correct spelling for that groovy Bear we all used to love.

2. loves honey and enjoys annoying Rabbit
Hey Winnie the Pooh! We love you!
by AngelLilly November 05, 2007
Walking around the house half naked.
Top no bottoms i.e, just a t-shirt.
Doing the Winnie The Pooh.
Also see Donald Duck.
"Went round to Dave's yesterday and he answered to door half naked"

"Half naked "?

"Yeah he was wearing a t-shirt but no bottoms"

"Ah, doing the Winnie The Pooh
by Nordic Badger April 17, 2014
When you have sex wearing only a t-shirt.
I got laid last night, but never took my shirt off. I totally did the Winnie the Pooh.

Haven't been to the gym in a bit, so I Winnie the Pooh'd her.
by Fran the beginner dancer October 19, 2014
When a man is about to preform sexual acts he must only have a shirt leaving him nude at the waist and below
Girl: So my parents are home
Boy: Don't worry I'll just Winnie the Pooh when we're having sex
by ThatGuy May 09, 2015
When you suck the shit out of someones butt hole
Jeffery 'Winnie the Poohed' the shit out of legolas.
by Themanhawk May 23, 2016
a sexual bear (you will find out soon) because he only wears a shirt but I know it may not seem bad because he does not have a dick but get this he shoves his fat ass in front of peoples faces plusss he says sexual things like.eg: oh hi tigger want some suger! or piglet want some honey! literally how sexual is that?!
winnie: tigger want some sugar?
tigger: um maybe not!
winnie: to bad! *kisses (sucks face)

tigger: help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
winnie: *pushes tigger down and humps*

that's the real winnie the pooh!
by diamond_creature2285 December 28, 2015
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