A text representation of a winking face usually seen in Internet forums and chat rooms.

A winky face could be, but not limited, to one of the semicolon combinations below:

by Bryan Ward November 21, 2006
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The secret code that means a girl wants your cock inside her used mainly in text messages and facebook chat. It also acts as an early warning that a fat girl likes you giving you time to par her fat arse.
Dave: I got a text from Candy the other day
Steve: What did it say?
Dave: Come to mine at 8 ;)
Steve: She gave you the winky face? Your defo in for a good fuck tonight
by superpimp22 October 21, 2010
Dirty dirty things.
You, me, sexy time? (winky face via aim/text/message)
by A.NJ! July 27, 2010
Specific flirting mechanism never to be used by: family, old people, clergy members, uggos, etc.
Uninteresting troll: hey sexy ;)
Scared recipient: please stop misusing winky face
by Cshizz December 22, 2012
Inspired by this common IM/SMS face --> ;)

Similar to "that's what she said" and "that's what he said". Used to turn any phrase or speech into a sexual innuendo.

In other words, it makes something into a sexual joke.

Usually typed as ";)" and spoken as "winkyface" however "winkyface" can be typed for stronger/more humorous effect.
Anything from...

What's up?.. winkyface


Why is there cream in my buns??... winkyface


(after being in the rain) Wow, I've never been this wet before... winkyface


That sucks ass... winkyface

As you can see, there's so many ways you can use it... winkyface
by TheSexKittens November 12, 2010
The winky face is used to imply to the opposite sex (or same if you sway that way),
that your keen as a bean for their Dick or Vagina!
Jess: Chris asked me if I was free tonight
Chloe: did he put any emoticons?
Jess: Yeh he put a winky face at the end of the sentence
by Jessiiedee November 05, 2013
the winky face is a strong symbol, only to be used in specific situations such as sexting, flirting, mindfucking, and discussing rape.
guy: im gunna rape you.
girl: (; (winky face)
by fuckgingers420 June 02, 2011

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