When the pinky toe is broken.
Oh my gosh! Look at my Winky toe!
by amhcih June 15, 2009
A special education student at a high school. Usually unsightly, and extremely-fat / ugly.
That winky has a huge moustache, she should shave. Fuck, I hate those winkies on the second floor! Fuck you Winky
by dvda gangsta' April 26, 2007
A mentally challenged person. Likely comes from their facial appearances.
He's a real winky.
by Neil Jamieson April 26, 2004
Winky's franchise football frenzy
by AFCW April 22, 2004
female genitalia
stop poking my winky
by the muffin man345 May 11, 2009
n. generic playground insult, before one graduates to the use of dick
1. #His name is KK*, he is a winky.# (to the tune of Barry Manilow's Copacabana)
2. #KK is a winky, KK is a winky, la la la la# (to football chant)
3. KK is a dinky winky

*insert any two syllable name...
by jen79 July 26, 2005
a joint of cannabis
Do a winky (roll a joint)
by My arse November 10, 2003

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