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verb, danced-the-winky, winky danc·ing, noun

to move one's pelvic and/or genitalia region in a rhythmic motion in sync with a second (or multiple) party; generally practiced without clothing, and vigorous bodily "rubbing" between the parties involved
To have, or take part in: sex, get down'n'dirty, "fuck", do the nasty, hump, bumpin' uglies, doin' it, lovin', ect.

Used when you want to discuss your completely dirty, and orgy filled sex-life, in public or around your grandparents, or work.

I just learned that you winky dance like a porn star!

I love to winky dance!

I cannot stop winky dancing!

Dude, you just danced-the-winky with my mom, didn't you?!

I wish I could winky dance like you!
by D1rtyM1nd23 February 03, 2011
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