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1. A long, tube like-schlong used to fuck females.

2. Dick.

3. A mans pipe-line service.

4. An object protruding from a leprechaun's groin.

5. The Battle Driver.
1. "She gasps every time I stuck her with my winkle tinker."

2. She yelled "Oh daddy!" when I slid my winkle tinker inside her.

3. "Dig deeper Mr. Winkle Tinker!"

4. As seen in GTA 4 at the leprechaun cornerstore called the "Leprechaun's Winkletinker"
by Willie Fhisther July 06, 2011
A small leprechaun penis.
Marge was repulsed by Dan's winkletinker.

Jim's winkletinker was a whopping 1.3 inches.
by Willie Fhisther July 07, 2011