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1. A friend of yours who will distract the fat hater friend so you can hook up with the hot girl. opposite of a cockblocker

orig. US Air Force n. A pilot whose plane is positioned behind and outside the leader in a formation of flying aircraft.
Aight man, I'll be wingman this time, but you owe me big time.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
A friend who comes along when you a date or talking to a hot gurl. There job is to either ease the tension or help you out. It is a very important job
A good wingman is necassary to pick up or talk to a girl.
by Colonel W July 16, 2006
Your best friend in the world and the guy you always go to the bars with
Buy your wingman a beer for "distracting" (wink, wink) the cock blocking grenade for you
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004
For Women:
A male friend who introduces you to hot men and enables a hookup.
I went out with my friend and her boyfriend, Mike. Mike played wingman and hooked my up with one of his friends.
by Mz. Rizzo April 23, 2006
a true Friend who goes along with anything the other wingman says to get hooked up viceversa
Statten and I are wingmen to eachother
by Willie the Great April 07, 2005
The man who accompanies his friend(s) on a date even though he has none in order to spur more conversation. Also known as the third wheel.
Evan...you're the wingman tonight because you have no date.
by scoopolard January 27, 2009
Best friend through thick and thin. Word given to express a relationship greater than brothers. True hommies.
Word homes! Yo Niell YOU'RE MY WINGMAN DAWG!
by matt February 01, 2005
Wingman, pl. wingmen.
Characterized by typically two or three males, one of them trying to chat you up, the others playing stupid and making their main man look better. These, often refered to as wingmen, will often try and cunt tease your friends, in order to keep them occupied and so that you wont leave the social gathering.
The consept wingman/wingmen is the most pathetic thing in the history of mankind.

See those wingmen? They tried to make that buttugly dude look better for you. He really must've paid them well.
by kattapard April 22, 2008