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A western Pennsylvanian word for sandles
Wheres my wing wongs at?" "Over there with your tennis shoes!
by Jonny Armageddon August 30, 2010
9 7
Another word for the male reproductive organ. See Penis.
"Give her a face full of wing wong"
by Knuckles10 June 24, 2005
57 31
a derogatory term for a chinese person.
we went to a wing wong restaurant and ate some sweet and sour pork.

that wing wong has a hot body.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 02, 2008
22 19
The sound Chinese people make when they laugh.
White Person: haha
Chinese Person: wing wong
by beholdTHEstove December 01, 2009
32 30
how a seven year old says junks
I hit my wingwong on a pole
by Snoflake Inwinter May 09, 2005
11 10
one of the many words for penis other examples would be dick,crotch, or weiner
Jim:hey you have a wing-wong!
Jeff:NO I DONT!!
Jiim:dude it means penis! well i guess we learned something about your gender today
by Phyc0sma11fry July 02, 2005
7 9
Another name for marijuana.

not as known as the obvious ones (pot, dope etc) so you can talk bout it openly without
'rents or teachers asking questions.
"you got any wing wong for this weekend?"
by SleepGivesYouCancer October 12, 2008
3 21