When a situation foretold in a persons own lyrics or speech could have saved their life.
When Amy Winehouse famously sang "They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no no...", she winehoused in a big way. If she actually went to rehab and got clean, she wouldn't have overdosed.
by JayszunVanderwerff July 24, 2011
Top Definition
To get drunk, sauced, housed, blasted, hammered, wasted, etc. See Amy Winehouse.
I was out last night in L.A. and I got Winehoused!
by MikeBPalo June 06, 2007
To get, or to be, f*cked up on the level of the once promising female singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse died from her long term drug and alcohol abuse on July 23, 2011.
Dude, I've been so depressed ever since Emily dumped me. I'm getting winehoused tonight.

Sam was so winehoused last night. I'm surprised he woke up this morning.
by cherrychuckles July 23, 2011
When an individual, usually in a crowd, is struck quickly by another party, who then immediately turns their attention back to other matters at hand. The recipient of the blow is said to have been 'Winehoused'.
For legal reasons it is important to state the etymology of this term is from public houses in the UK and in no way related to Multiple Grammy Winner Amy.
This mad burd squared up to Jambo at the dancing in Cardiff. Place was rammed and she was talking about how she had stabbed someone in Wales and how mad she was. He never blinked, just Winehoused her - textbook.
by stuartseric July 10, 2008
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