A young Phi Delt named Tim Barret who whines like a little bitch with a skinned knee when he doesn't get his way. Characterized by excessive complaining, crying, bitchiness, and crooked ballcaps. (see also: pussy, bitch)
Quit bitching, your such a fucking winecellar, just like Tim.
by Heston March 18, 2004
Top Definition
An underage girl who you can tell is going to be very attractive when she gets older. Like a bottle of wine you would put in a cellar to age until it is drinkable.
Woah, that girl is going to be hot, she's a Wine Cellar!
by thirdhouston January 09, 2008
When one shoves a wine bottle up a butt. Could be their own, could be a friend's.
Hold still, Marcus, I want to see your new wine cellar.
by MelandChristine June 03, 2011
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