It's the OS by Microsoft following Windows 7. Because 8 is after 7 you dumbass.
Dude what the fuck is after Windows 7!!!!1one!

Windows 8 you faggot.

Oh yeah I forgot!!!one1!1
by LordCutlerBeckett May 16, 2011
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A computer operating system by Microsoft to be released in October 2012. Its layout is similar to that of Windows Phone 7 for the reason that Windows 8 is expected to be used mostly on touch screens and tablets. And even if you don't have either of those, Windows 8 has a desktop mode which looks exactly like that of Windows 7 except there's no Start Button, much to the dismay of Windows fanatics. Windows 8 will be released alongside Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface tablets.
Windows 8 is actually pretty awesome.
by Hmail July 18, 2012
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Noun: The most craptastically amazing Operating System ever to come since Windows 7 Build 7600. Supposubly build by Apple in an agreement that Microsoft will stop with the Laptop Hunter ads that mock Apple's high prices. The kernel is based off of the HP7 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows) source and those little brown poppy things in that expanding bag in your microwave.

Verb: Windows doesn't eat! Get a brain already!

Synonyms: Windows BA, Windows Ocho, Windows Beast, This Thingy On The Screen, Windows Lepard, WinGNOME, Micro-Apple-Soft-Dows-Ux-Pard, Windows *
"What are you using?"
"A computer"
"With what?"
"A Mouse"
"What's this thingy on the screen?"
"A Pixel"
"For the love of Michael Jackson what is that operating system!"
"Windows 8"

Incorrect Verb Usage: "Why is Windows Vista (Build 6002) afraid of Windows 7 (Build 7600)? Because Windows 7, 8, 95.
by Phoenix2573 August 02, 2009
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The only Windows operating system that is both less capable than Vista and Mac OS X. It "runs" better than many other versions of Windows, which was achieved by removing the capability of using applications.

After a fan threatened to say the name "Steve Jobs", Bill Gates released Windows 8.1, which restored the ability to download apps and the Desktop, although apps still did not actually do anything)

There is a legend that more information about this operating system may be located under Bill Gates' solid gold toilet in Redmond, but no one remembers any of this information.
Person 1: My Windows 2-in-1 runs Windows 8!
Person 2: What does it do?
Person 1: It shows pretty icons!
Person 2: YOU ************* ******** ******* ******* REPUBLICAN ******** *** ******** ************** IDIOT ********* **** ************** HIPPO-******** ***** *********** MINION! WHY ARE YOU SO GULLIBLE!!!!!
Linux User: Both of you are idiots. And by the way, I just stole your SSID, credit card, driver's license, and passport.
by DrumpfForPOTUS July 30, 2016
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