Place name.

Abbreviation/slang for the South London town Wimbledon.
Inhabitants of Wimbles are known as 'Wombles' - after the popular 70's children's TV show: The Wombles, who resided on Wimbledon Common.
They shut down the Tinseltown outside Wimbles tube stn... Where am I going to get my morning milkshake from now?
by East-end wordary September 12, 2010
Top Definition
Similar to a Bimble, a wimble is a gentle, relaxed stroll with only a vague notion of where you want to go.
"I might have a wimble into town and maybe get some food"
by Madmardigen September 23, 2011
Having large amounts of swagger.
Man that guy is so wimble!
by Ginger123456789 October 28, 2011
A person who does something screwed up in an unexplainable nature.
Why would you tape your ass cheeks together with duck tape? What a wimble you are.
by therealpotsy October 12, 2006
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