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An individual of great distinction. Someone who appreciates both British modernist and romantic poets, and also likes to rock out to the latest tunes. Someone who is admired by men and considered 'quite a catch' by the ladies. A great swimmer.

'Who was that you were out with last night at Bronte? He seemed so suave and sophisticated? I cant believe he was quoting Wordsworth and singing Animal Collective'

'Oh yes, he is quite a Wily Sea Trout! I can't wait to take him home to meet the fam. I am not throwing this one back'
by definitely not wily sea trout March 21, 2009
British origin, though what body of water isn't clear. Shrouded in mystery. Well- read. Frequent haunts seem to be bookstores with bistros, most notably Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Rookwood. Has been known to incite jealousy, arouse suspicion, inspire bitterness in his fellows.
He wrote on my wall and my BF is angry, what a Wily Sea Trout!
He's always harrassing the girls who work at Bronte, what a Wily!
by definitley not Wily's girl March 23, 2009
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