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The smell of freshly cut grass.
Mmm, I love that wilvery smell of spring.
by Spunky McPunk April 26, 2010
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Being fickle.
Person 1: I can't seem to finish a book.
Person 2: So fickle of you. You are such a Wilver!
by witty0102 October 28, 2011

possibly one of the coolest kids ever to grace the face of this planet. Sometimes emo but totally adorable. This person is best friends with everyone and easy to talk to. funny, loving , and a total sweetheart what more could you want.

wow! look at the new kid he is such a wilver.
by moocow21 April 10, 2009
Silver, as used by those who engage in Metal Detecting
At the field today, I pulled out some sweet wilver.
by T-squared August 23, 2007

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