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an angry ginger
boy: "Why won't you let me buy you food?"
girl: "Gosh, you're such a Wilton!"
by dingleberry172618 December 22, 2009
1) The town where 95% of the successful parents are secretly alcoholics
2) The town where Mohammed, Alah, Jesus, Batman, and the marijuana leaf where born (not Moses because noone likes him)
Hey lets go to Wilton's town center cuz we are cool!
by Jesus Chris aka the docta June 06, 2005
a town in connecticut with a mix of ghettonians,(none of them however are actually black) major preps who work their whole lives to master the whole preppy vibe so you can walk down the street and say, "wow what a prep" without even saying a word to them. This town also has their share of punk rockers who skateboard down the small, lonely downtown which consists of maybe five stores and twice as many grocery stores but for the poor wiltonians, its all they have. And of course we have the goths who scare the living daylights out of everyone they walk by except for of course their fellow gothic friends. Wilton probably has the worst high school drinking problems in the state. Wilton public schools is one of the best school sysytems in the country. I guess the health classes must suck though, because they still cant seem to get through to the kids about drugs and alcohol. Sure, its an awkward town but its a group of good looking kids who seem to get along with everyone and know how to have a good time.
"hey, you from wilton?"
by kathkath June 04, 2005
Here you can find guys sporting the brightest polos possible, making sure their shorts are just as bright and plaid. Girls enjoy wearing Lily shirts and skirts with little prints of flamingos or magarita glasses. Several try to act "hardcore", wearing tight clothing and dying their hair all different colors. The word "emo" is used very frequently as it has become defined as anyone that is remotley different or is sometimes defined as the emotion of sadness. If you took a vote on how many people know what's going on in the world, you'd be sadly dismayed. Instead of the high school working on education, they continue to try and fix the track field, hoping it might help the football team do better-so far failing in their attempts. Wilton is constantly in competition with our neighboring towns, most likely fighting about whose collar is popped higher or who drinks more-seeing as finding a child who isn't addicted to drugs or alcohol is a difficult feat. The high school administration throws a couple black kids, some asians, and maybe an indian kid into the school and considers themselves diverse. Walking places is impossible and there is virtually nothing to do until you get your liscense-unless you feel like hanging out in the center with all the kids who scare adults by wearing excessive amounts of black and passing around weed. Or you could always go to Trackside, where kids sit and smoke where they're parents can't catch them. The school attempts to "shelter" their children by not allowing the theater to put on shows that are about racey subjects like sex, trying to avoid phone calls from parents telling the administration that they don't want their children subjected to "that kind of thing" even though in this town their child has probably been sexually active since middle school. There are normal people in Wilton, look hard you'll find them.
-"Stop being emo"
-"I'm not being emo, my grandma just died"

-"I can't see, it's so bright"
-"Oh, sorry. The sun hit my outfit"

-"I don't want my child to be seeing a play that addresses sex in any way!"
- "Funny you should say that, it brings me to my next topic. We found Suzy in the faculty restroom today with her fellow classmate Chad..."

by nobody important... August 23, 2006
Located in the rural and scenic part of Southern Connecticut, otherwise known as Fairfield County (or hell to others), Wilton is a town of nothing. There is truly nothing here and I'm sure there never was anything here, and in all likelihood there never will be anything. The town is infested with upperclass stoner snobs who get all the drugs from weed, to coke, to acid, and so on and so forth. You won't find lower class heroin addicts here, only the lamest of the lame Phish loving stoner types who are elitist enough to say that Phish were so good, they had to break up so the members could be even better on their own.

Oh, and of course, theres the sad-sad music scene, comprised of disaffected youth in half-hearted and pathetic punk bands, the typical jam band spin offs re-doing "99 Red Balloons" in 20 minutes and ruining a good song, and of course the necessary metal bands, just to prove that this is the dregs of suburbia. In all reality, there is no future for these bands outside of Trackside and other local venues such as the Empress Ballroom in Danbury and other teen centers around the county. Of course, if you're into self-obsessed stoner jam-bands or self-righteous punk bands, be my guest and come here and enjoy them with us (do we really enjoy them at all?).

Racial profiling is necessary here in Wilton. In school, theres in an intense racial barrier, due to the fact that there may be only 4 or 5 african-american kids in the school at the time, a few hispanic kids, and maybe a couple Jewish kids or even some Indian kids. But its not uncommon to here someone drop the n-bomb casually or call an Indian kid a towel head. To properly fit in, White Christian is best.

When Pete Townsend sang "Don't Cry/Don't close your eyes/It's only teenage wasteland," I'm sure he wasn't thinking of Wilton, but hell, it works really well in describing, well, Wilton.
True Wilton-kids:
"Hey dudes, gonna chill at Trackside?"
"Most def."

by Son et Lumiere November 23, 2005
Wilton is a Fairfield County town that no one really cares about. People from Wilton think they are wealthy, their manshions go for around 1.4million, where as in upper class towns such as Darien and New Cannan, you couldn't buy a shit hole with that kind of money. They think people from Darien and New Cannan are their "rivals," not really. Your like a little sister who can't keep up. Wilton is essentially a wannabe Darien or New Cannan.
Honey, we need to retire, Darien is to expensive, let's move to Wilton.

Wilton sucks.
by Wiltonsucks.com.com.com July 08, 2006
Wilton is the biggest waste of Fairfield County land mass in Connecticut. A mix of new and some old money, kids grow up thinking that the world revolves around them. Wilton is a bubble that has THE most USELESS stores possible: GAP, Chicos, etc. The movie theatre and Starbucks have only been there for about 4 years. Come people - who really needs 2 grocery stores: Village Market (for pretentious Wiltonians who rather pay more for their Bisquik at some snooty "market" where you'll find some of the very few high schoolers who actually work) and Stop & Shop. Come hang out in "The Center" - everything closes at 9:30...except Coldstone- don't get too excited. J.Crew and Abercrombie rule. There are more Coach bags in Wilton than sober/clean middle schoolers. Roads suck here - so do the cops who insist on pulling over EVERYONE for speeding and what not...there is nothing else for them to do here. It's in the woods. Too many bugs. Wranglers (the cars of choice...for some nauseatingly odd reason) and 745is risk colliding with rampant deer on winding, narrow pathways referred to as roads. Wiltonians worship Kristine Lilly and have named everything from streets to fields after her. Everyone either plays LAX, field hockey or soccer. Play another sport and suffer the consequences: ridicule and poor funding. The only good thing about Wilton is that its an hour train ride away from NYC. Get out while you can...or stop by Trackside for a good time ;)
"Hey Sarah - After class lets go to the Wilton LAX game."
"For sure, and then we can go hang out in the center and maybe get a Frappachino at Starbucks!"
by *wilton's phinest* August 15, 2005