A high school in wilsonville that is known for having high education standards. However, all of the kids at Wilsonville High School fuckheads and are homosexual. This causes one to question; why the fuck does any one go to this school? No one knows. Also, Billy is a whore.
Kid A: "I saw Billy at Wilsonville High School last night."
Kid B: "Oh, yeah? What was he doing"
Kid A: "Begging for cock."
Kid B: "Gross."
by School Principle February 06, 2008
Top Definition
An Oregon high school of relatively small size and comparatively high levels of general awesome. Holds high educational standards, with an exceptional AP program. The majority of its sports teams are known for consistently pwning most other teams in its conference and beyond. It has strange but effective architecture with industrial influences. The interior of WHS includes actual neon signs, which are really stupid but nevertheless tend to instill reluctant jealousy in the hearts of visitors.
Wilsonville High School says: "None shall pass."
by Dan Bălan August 30, 2008
The gayest school ever....it's located in lovely Wilsonville (which is also pretty gay) and the school is full of sluts, stoners, douchebags, and "ravers". Haha! This is the worst place ever, and I basically hate everyone who goes there. Fuck Wilsonville.
For their winter formal dance, the students of Wilsonville High School wore tie-dye and neon clothes. What unbelievable douches.
by 5179360024 January 27, 2010
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