The flagship public high school in the District of Columbia. Enrollment of about 1510 students from incredibly diverse backgrounds. However, while the best, it is still a DC public school and therefore is predominately black, plagued by gangs, stoners with long matted hair, undercooked chicken wings, heroine dealers who wear bandanas, crypt flags, and theft. Most teachers are lazy or don't care (commonly found traits of DCPS teachers) and security guards are tyrannical.
"Honey, now we're passing Wilson so walk fast because those kids have knives."
"Wow, I love Wilson, it's so EASY!"
by Princess Laquita December 13, 2004
even though thought of as bad because it is DCPS, it actually produces a number of really bright students and is not too bad at sports. there is so much diversity unlike other rich private schools that pretend to have diversity. Definitely the best DC public school.
"hey, did you see the Wilson versus (your school here) game? Wilson kicked some ass!"
"yeah, and there are so many hot cheerleaders"
by blahdy February 27, 2005
A high school that thinks they are cooler than everyone else and that they have more money than they really do. Located in Pennsylvania, they are really just ignorant hillbillys that have faux designer items, no hot guys, and annoying people. The parking lot at the High School (Student section) looks alot like the cash for clunkers lot.
"Hey I was thinking, where do they put all the cars for cash for clunkers?" "Just go to Wilson High School....It speaks for itself"
by LaxLoveLife2-340 January 18, 2010
wilson high school is the best school in florence ! it has alot of fans, also they have the best football/basketball/track/baseball/ect... you would love to come to this school. their are alot of things to get into there :P.... our compeditors are west florence high school,darlington high school, and north myrtle beach. the only thing that you might not love is the way they run their write up system but other than that it is one of the best schools you can go too ! also trust me you will never forget them. GO TIGERS :) (also theres plenty fights)
Q: what is the best school in florence,sc
A: wilson high school (duhh)
by aye :) May 25, 2011
A STupid excuse for an institution. Nazi camp .. to be avoided
Dont go to wilson, Broadway will devour you
by MUPA December 05, 2004
an amazingly hot school, which schools only the hottest person alive...jessie b.
"Wilson is such a good school"
"oh i know, cuz Jessie b goes there"
by wilsonhottie May 08, 2005

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