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After giving anal, you make the reciever suck the shit off your penis.


After giving anal, you pecker slap dat hoe.
Nigga that hoe love when I give her the ol' Willy Wonka.
by Steele Bro's February 06, 2008
13 36
A personality in a Wonderful movie that has nothing to sexually do with anything.

also he rocks.
Willy Wonka's Candy factory is the shit.
by Cris July 22, 2005
564 112
looking a mess but feeling happy
Look at Megan, looking all Willy Wonka-ish.
by Megan Clurry July 06, 2012
14 5
The act of using song and/or dance to persuade one to do something.
Kobe: Man, that bitch just don't listen. I had to Willy Wonka her ass just to get some chicken.
by kobedoinwork October 17, 2009
56 49
A saying that someone uses after accomplishing a game that requires either sight or just pavis (In this case, it's pavis).
Did I really beat this Simon Surprise level on Simon Trickster? ... ... Willy Wonka!
by amazing JavaScript programmer September 17, 2008
3 2
When a man jizzes on a girls face and sprinkles nerds on it.
He had some spare nerds next to the bed, so he decided to give her the willy wonka.
by The D.R. April 28, 2009
63 70
Willy Wonka is a low-life, messed up individual who stays in his home for years on end figuring out ways to lure children into his "factory" and help them live there forever with him and his Oompa sex slaves. On one occassion he sent out 5 gold tickets to random children. Two of which were girls so he sent them home right away. One who was a little on the chubby side and knew it be hard to drag him around on his sex leash. The two last ones were perfect. Small and innocent. He smothered one because he was annoying and kidnapped the other named Charlie due to him being poor and nobody cared about him. Willy Wonka should die but nobody does anything about him because when he is done with the children he makes delicious candy out of them.
Kid 1: Hey did you get a Gold Ticket for Willy Wonka this year?

Kid 2: No, I did last year though.

Kid 1: HOW WAS IT?

Kid 2: Let's just say I couldn't walk afterwards and my butt hurt a lot.

Kid 1: I know I can't wait.... wait what?
by GiggityGoo69 January 16, 2011
48 62
noun- An act of intense, emo intercourse performed by a man, wearing a purple top-hat, on a woman;

1.) The man gurgles up a lugi and spits on the woman's vagina. He then begins to smear it around, stimulating her clitoris.

2.) The man then persists by shoving Twizzlers, at least 27, analy into the woman.
*Of note, if the woman begins to bleed, you are doing it right*

3.) The man will then drizzle hot fudge all over the woman's breastic region and smear it everywhere. He will then lick all of it off and force her to eat the Twizzlers.

4.) Upon completion, the couple will have sex, however avoiding anal, due to the fact that she will not be tight in that region.
"At first, I thought my boyfriend was going to rape me... But it was much worse!"

"What happened?!"

"...He gave me a Willy Wonka!"

"Oh! My! Fucking! GOD!"
by cavalico April 08, 2009
40 56