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This is when a male stands naked with his legs spread and thrusts in a forward and backwards motion making his spam dagger slap against his bare skin. This is often used as a dance of celebration and joy.
Girl with lip piercing: Do you guys want a 3 some?
Craig: Hell yeahhh *performs willy dance*
by TakeToTheSkies January 22, 2009
When no neck men blow off some steam and cause a mass Facebook humourfest.
Neil had a Willy Dance last night... 300 comments later on Facebook and no one is doing any work!
by Mike@Vault October 29, 2013
to unzip trousers and hang knob out and proceed to slap willy up and down with hands in the air shouting yay yay
"paul proceeded to unzip and flop outside the pub and willy dance down the street"
by pacman1972 November 09, 2007
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