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What is Willskankles? Willskankles is a physical disorder which primarily affects the ankles but can also lead to other physical and even mental problems. It is a debilitating condition which causes the ankles to remain in a weakened state for life. What is life like for those with Willskankles? Sufferers of Willskankles have problems with their mobility, tasks such as walking down stairs or even small steps can easily result in a fall and risk causing damage to the already weak ankles. Willskankles is often misunderstood and sufferers can be ridiculed for falling over or for having skinny ankles which can cause more problems such as anxiety and depression.
Norm: "hey, Harv! you're ankles are super skinny dude!"
Harv: "I suffer with Willskankles and comments like that shatter my self-confidence to live a normal life."
Norm: "Sorry Harv, If only the awareness of this condition was more common place within society."
by Willskankle May 16, 2011

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