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A school located in Portage Indiana, WillowCreek is slightly larger than their arch-rivals, Fegley. Housing nearly 1000 students WillowCreek mainly consists of preppy kids wearing Aeropastle,Hollister,Ambercrombie and Fitch clothes. There are a handful of kids who follow the "emo" trend. The rest of the student body consists mainly of white/hispanic kids acting "gangsta" and trying to look cool by cursing. Most kids at Willowcreek even the goody-two-shoe advanced placement kids have done drugs (weed) or alchohal.
P1: Hey dude *slaps back* How's it going at WillowCreek middle school?
P2: Same old, same old man just trying to escape WillowCreek alive while in gym... if I have to run around the track one more time...
by Life sucks, deal with it. July 07, 2012