verb: The act of placing an unwanted child in a makeshift raft and sending it downriver. As seen in the 1988 film.
"Hey... I hear Jessie finally did the right thing and willowed that little shit kid of hers, bout time!"

"Jeez Chad, I just don't know what do do about our newborn... my fathers going to kill me when he finds out!!!" "Easy babe, just willow that shit."
by greanspam September 09, 2007
1.Someone who decides to stay in all the time/pussy out of everything when it getss grim.
2.A person who is easily manipulated, but is a complete utter twat.
He got a taxi home again? What a willow
Wideyed chap 1: You probably shouldnt paint that lion.
Wideyed chap 2: Fuck you, whats connor gonna do? Hes a complete willow.
by Mr.EJones January 11, 2009
something extremely skinny
Guy 1: Is that girl anerexic.

Guy2: Yeah she's a willow.
by Wiegand December 05, 2008
short for pussywillow. To act like a weakling or coward; to willow, to be cowardly or tricklike.

See: J. Lewin
Why is he staying in tonight? Because he is being a willow.
by MDpenoc February 19, 2004
1.The name of my dog.

2.Willow rosenburg, doesn't she just rock?
Fetch willow, fetch!
by Citezen:Erased April 08, 2005
A coward....someone who is afraid of everything.
Doanhoe (Poet) is such a willow because he refuses to make out with girls...only men.
by Landlord February 12, 2004
1. lame; weak; pussy-like; the opposite of being "hard"
2. Donahoe
My name is Donahoe, but you can call me Willow.
Willow, you turned me into a goat.
by poonany master February 02, 2004

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