verb: The act of placing an unwanted child in a makeshift raft and sending it downriver. As seen in the 1988 film.
"Hey... I hear Jessie finally did the right thing and willowed that little shit kid of hers, bout time!"

"Jeez Chad, I just don't know what do do about our newborn... my fathers going to kill me when he finds out!!!" "Easy babe, just willow that shit."
by greanspam August 31, 2007
Willow is a somewhat polite way of calling someone a coward "pussy", or a way to call someone a pussy in a setting where that word would be inappropriate. This term comes from the word pussy willow. Pussy willows can be bushy and unkempt they are mostly found in moist damp regions.
Quit being such a willow and man up!

Carlos is such a willow, he'll never watch that scary movie.

The packers are a bunch of willows the bears will beat them for sure!
by Sweetteabone December 27, 2013
The traditional name for an obscenly large but dysfunctional penis usually belonging to a person with the surname of Williams
Girl 1- "do you know anyone who has met the real willow?"
Girl 2- "no, but I've heard it's like a fucking snake"
by patrice evra January 09, 2013
Willow is Sarah Palin's ex boyfriend's daughter's best friend's cousin. She is the most amazing person in the world. Willow tells the funniest jokes in the world, even though they're not always that funny. She also writes HILARIOUS comics. They're mostly about her friend Ivan. If you ever meet a Willow, don't let her leave your side. ASK HER OUT. If you don't, you'll live the rest of your life without the best girlfriend ever. She is also great in bed. But don't get her angry, because when she's angry she might stab you with a spoon. She is also really strong, and is capable of pushing open heavy doors. Sometimes.
I wish someone could open this door.


Thank you Willow!!
by Lalalayouknowit October 01, 2011
One of the best epic fantasy films ever made, starring Val Kilmer shockingly enough..
Very much comparable to Lord of the Rings
Willow is an AMAZING film...go rent a copy..
by XeoN December 08, 2003
To be suspected as wanting some girl on girl action; to be flirty with the girls; to be gay
Kat: She's more than a little Willow don't you think?

Sare: I think you're right. She's got Rosenberg written all over her.
by Sahara October 04, 2003
She gets around with the guys. Self centred and always puts herself first. The guys don't really love her they just want sex with an experienced girl.
Person 1: I banged a girl the other night
Person 2: Thats not much of an achievement I've banged her too, she's a bit of a willow
by bangher and mash April 13, 2015

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