verb: The act of placing an unwanted child in a makeshift raft and sending it downriver. As seen in the 1988 film.
"Hey... I hear Jessie finally did the right thing and willowed that little shit kid of hers, bout time!"

"Jeez Chad, I just don't know what do do about our newborn... my fathers going to kill me when he finds out!!!" "Easy babe, just willow that shit."
by greanspam August 31, 2007
Top Definition
the nicest girl you will ever meet, except when you piss her off. She is the person i really care about but she doesn't know it
Willow is so beautiful
by First Breath after coma March 23, 2005
She's got a way to make you smile and warms any heart of stone, making it glow like a star on an indigo night. Her humor reaches in and tickles your soul and you find yourself falling completely under her trance. She's curious, smart, wise and has a sixth sense about people. Willow is someone who will be etched in your heart, mind and soul forever.
Willow: someone who every man would drop to his knees for.
by thedevilspirate February 04, 2010
A girl who is an absolute sex goddess.
That girl I was with last night was an absolute Willow!
by Rocket Rider November 01, 2006
Willow, character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With awesome witch power. Tried to destroy the world.
Isn't Willow the best?
by witchX August 24, 2003
The epitome of beauty, intelligence and no bullshit all wrapped into one amazing, lovely, yet intricate young woman. She has the best sense of humour and a life you wish was your own.
"Hey! did you see that epic climbing, kickboxing, cycling, cosplaying, gaming, sharktopus, vegetarian babe?"

"Sounds like a willow"
by jayc62 November 10, 2011
an out of the world amazing girl!she is beautiful!
that willow! what an amazing girl
by justin lee roberts October 18, 2010
A great friend you want the Trust of. She is beautiful, inside and out and is very protective of her friends. She is loyal, trustworthy and a good laugh. Be careful though: she had a dark side. She gets you to think she is that innocent girl from down the road when she actually leads you astray. When you find your kitchen knives missing, you know your in trouble.....
You can look at willow and say "why aren't we comedians? "

"Have you seen willow?"
"No but two of my kitchen knives are missing and there's blood over there.......and there.......and there....."
"Oh god, we're dead......literally. "
by Shine.your.light September 09, 2015
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