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A nice term for a slut.
"Well, she is a nice girl, but she's just... willing."
by vikk0 December 30, 2011
Willing: Verb, Noun, Adjective. A gay orgy involving homosexual men usually involving lube. Similar to Lemonparty.
John David participated in a "Willing"
by TNTUser1337 November 06, 2011
wanting to do something/not having a problem doing something
1.Jeff is willing to stick his penis in a blender.

2.Marsha is willing to drink the penis smoothie.
by Scuttles/Jar Jar/Gerod/Agent J April 14, 2006
When a guy/girl is staring at you, usually when they think your hot and or have a crush on you.
(guy is staring at a girl from across the room)
girl (to friend): that guy is soo willing me.
by miss emily anne April 20, 2006