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The Willika is a creature of supurior being is above all others in COOLNESS, The Willika gets ALLLL da ladies and pretty much everything he wants. He's a big fellow too, if your school doesn't have a willika, then your school sucks.
Man Willika has been too cool today, he stole all me girls! But I'm cool with that..
by Eric December 13, 2004
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The Coolest Cat on the earth, hes big and thats cool and he tells the best jokes like once he said I don't have a pencil but i do have Pencils! LMFAO, man that kids cool
I'd Give ANYTHING for Willika to sit at our lunch table today.
by Meh December 11, 2004
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The Willika=The Stuff. Fat, retarted, but friggin hilarious. Known for tellin all the good jokes. Also has about a billion ladies. Overall, a major PIMP.
When Willika told his pencils jokes to my g/f, she dumped me to screw him. Ah well, he's one cool dude.
by Mr.Cool January 06, 2005
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