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(AKA Dubtown, NJ). Williamstown is the greatest town in South Jersey, Gloucester County. Home to some of the greatest minds on earth. You know you are from Williamstown if: You hate delsea, you picked sides in the WMS vs. SMS war, you've partied at a deer club, you never knew the parkway went that far north, you played little league at Owens, you're not allowed to wear flip flops in WHS, you hung out at Chruch Street on Friday nights, you know the best way to give directions is from Geet's Diner, you hate traffic on Tuckahoe Rd. at 2:16pm, and you get pumped for Christmas when Main Street puts the ghetto decorations up
Williamstown, NJ: a town located between Philly and AC; some of the town can simply be referenced as "the lakes"
by christine grispino April 01, 2006
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