1) a place with a lot of old stuff. old people, old buildings, old drama.
2) the town where the college of william and mary resides
3)a place where there is nothing to do.
4)the place where you can get yummy cheese shop sandwiches

5)high schoolers act like hoodlums here.

6)a place that doesn't have real hoodlums
7)a place where people in colonial outfits drive around in cars
girl 1: "is that a woman in a colonial outfit buying her groceries in food lion?"
girl 2: "yeah, thats my mom. She is a colonial williamsburg interpreter"
by tigerlilly130 July 10, 2011
2 up, 2 down. Va is for lovers, and Williamsburg, VA is for lovers with money. Quaint but busy town in Southern Virginia. known for Bush Gardens amusement park and the historic colonial section of the city. Not far from Virginia Beach and a must see if you are visiting the east coast.
Virgina is for lovers, but Williamsburg, VA is for lovers with money.
by Da one and ONLY Danyel December 14, 2008
There are 5 groups of people in Williamsburg, VA:
1. The townies. This group comprises mostly of old retirees who keep to themselves, or the deli workers who enjoy drinking with young college freshman.
2. The tourists. Quite possibly the most annoying group of people ever in the history of the world. But necessary for keeping the town up and running.
3. The nerds. These college students of William & Mary strive to make straight A's, even though everyone knows it is physically impossible to do so. They sacrifice Friday and Saturday nights often to catch up on work. Their main meeting place would be the Swem Libary, but since the Greek kids often use that as an event location for their Clue Weeks and such, they are forced to retreat back to their own dorms to continue studying there.
4. The "alternative" students. These kids are normally very smart, as are most WM students, and tend to congregrate around the lodges. They enjoy spray-painting, intense drugs like acid and crack, speak-easies with Psu U, and complaing about WM and anyone involved in a fraternity or sorority. They find their own ways of having fun, hopefully, but most are on some sort of anti-depressant.
5. The Greeks. Even those WM brochures will advertise only a 33% student population in the Greek system, everyone knows that these kids party the hardest. These kids are not binge-drinkers, like the adminastration labels them. No. They are full out alcoholics. They are fully aware that they are capable of having plenty of fun without alcohol, because they love hanging out with their sisters/brothers. They just choose not to, though. The weekends are not saved just for Thursday-Sunday. No no, everyday is the weekend for them. They may go to class so hungover they want to die, they may stay up all night finishing that paper they've had a month to do that they started an hour ago, they may not know the names of their professors, but it's all worth it because hell, that was on crazy night last night.
"Dude, you were a mess last night. When you chugged that bottle of vodka before going onstage for the SigmaChi lypsync and then ran off to hook up with John from PiKA, but then woke up on Caye's futon a few hours later...hahaha that was AWESOME!"
"OMG I did all that? I don't remember anything after the bottle of vodka."
by WM student, duh May 02, 2005
Town in southeastern Virginia. Full of tourists, mainly from NY, Jersey, and eastern PA. Very boring.
I live in Williamsburg and it sucks balls.
by Eric April 10, 2004
The 9th circle of Hell; also, a town in south-eastern Virginia. It is known for its lack of fun, surplus of townies, and irate college students. Should be avoided AT ALL COSTS.
Saddam was captured alive, given a summary trial, and sent to Williamsburg as punishment for his misdeeds.
by Last Surviving Dodo March 27, 2004
A really bad part of brooklyn that non residents should stay out of unless u go on the BQE. Fact: a long time ago Williamsburg was populated by polish people. Imagine if they still lived there today.
Yo Agrikowski, wassup pollock. Gimme yo money o i'll pop some kilbassa in yo ass
by Suge August 22, 2004
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