The real one: Wears A Kilt. Rolls in the mud with said kilt on. Has a two-handed Claymore sword. Chops off people's legs with said sword. Fought against the warriors of Edward The Longshanks.

The faerytale William Wallace: fights Longshanks to the death, Longshank's blood dripping down Wallace's face while he does a sword dance around his bloody claymore. He then slits open Longshank's wife's chest and removes her guts.
1. William Wallace was the bravest Scotsman to ever exist.

2. William Wallace was the goriest Scotsman to not exist.
The most bamf person that ever lived.
Dude, Bobby gave Cindy an angry dragon, what a William Wallace
by krunchyblak October 23, 2010
1. Verb--To completely destroy something and emerge victorious.

2. Verb--To attack braveheartedly.
I'm going to william wallace this shit!
by T-Bizzle R-vizzle July 28, 2008
When a long haired man showers with a woman, neither of them dry off, and do it in a missionary position. The water from the shower drips from his hair onto her breasts like he is a warrior. In addition he usually pisses on her in the shower.
I told my woman to shower with me. I pissed on her and gave her a William Wallace.
by WilliamWallace May 15, 2009
The William Wallace - a sexual maneuver based on the fact that during the 13th century, they didn't have running water to clean up. A man and a woman engage in anal intercourse at which after a length of time, the man pulls out, rolls the woman over, and inserts his penis into her vagina in order to clean the detritus off of his shaft. Once he feels it is sufficiently clean, he works up to ejaculation, at which point he yells out , "FREEDOM!".
I didn't want to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up, so I William Wallaced her.
by dirtyernie November 19, 2006
William Wallace was weak, he fought for scotish "freedom" but under estimated the fact some new that English rule would be beneficial to scotland, and so they rightfully captured the traitor of the land and he was punished accordingly.
Long live England, Long live St. George
Scotland is now the most unhealthy and uneducated part of the UK, it would have been a better place if william wallace did not rebel against English rule.
by Lord Emperor Hanson August 07, 2008
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