A fat bastard who loves a lot of rainbow didlo in his mouth loool
Im a william
by peepeeddeeelalaldrizzle July 02, 2014
Johnna's man.
Did you see that William boy? He brings out the cougar in Johnna.
by ilovewill♥ April 29, 2011
That sensation you have where you feel a sneeze coming, but it's not there yet... and sometimes it never arrives!
man: oh, Baby, I'm having a William!
wo-man: A what?
man: Be quiet, wo-man... I need to sneeze!
wo-man: whatever...
man: Damn, wo-man, you ruined it! My William passed...
by ezdude May 01, 2006
A man who says he wants to hang out but always stand you up. He's got a good dick and he's the best in bed. But he is kind of an asshole. But you can't help but fall for him.
Where is William? Probably standing you up.
by Maxwell the PIG February 15, 2011
the lead singer of the black eyed peas.
will.i.am. is cool!!
by hey what r u eating May 04, 2005
William is a HOT French freshmen. He is often said to have a short temper. He is said to have AMAZING abs. He is tall and tan. has spiky black hair. he has a steamy hot smile. So hot he is Godly!!!
Oh my William
by just a person23 August 14, 2009
can be sexy yet will not be when older. he should live in the limelight while he can. spiked hair will look much better than long hair. great singer and will be an actor when he grows up. legit. is very conseeded

<3 him for it tho
william is a shmexxxxy
by maisiemoodle July 01, 2010

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