A male who always has to be right. No matter what. They usually have bad habits of answering your question with the word "dick". On the Internet they like to be mean using acronyms "stfu" "tf up" "idgaf"
A William is usually smart, but they hate to be proven wrong. Often called Squilliam on purpose, by those who watch spongebob.
Guy 1: Hey guy 2!
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: DICK!
Guy 2: What a William...
by Mark Nutt February 10, 2015
black guy from black eyed peas
Will I am is a sweet dancer
by LilJOnwhattt: July 19, 2005
Someone who commits to a relationship then 1 month later, he backs away for no reason and breaks up with you.
Girl: William said he loved me. Last month we were so happy.😭
by Billdog33 February 10, 2015
Johnna's man.
Did you see that William boy? He brings out the cougar in Johnna.
by ilovewill♥ April 29, 2011
The major asshole/douche bag you'll probably encounter during grade school. His looks are what he is in the inside. Condescending Asshole (period).
OH MY GOD! William is such an asshole. I wanna stick a stake through his balls.
by FiddleJuice February 21, 2015
A fat bastard who loves a lot of rainbow didlo in his mouth loool
Im a william
by peepeeddeeelalaldrizzle July 02, 2014
That sensation you have where you feel a sneeze coming, but it's not there yet... and sometimes it never arrives!
man: oh, Baby, I'm having a William!
wo-man: A what?
man: Be quiet, wo-man... I need to sneeze!
wo-man: whatever...
man: Damn, wo-man, you ruined it! My William passed...
by ezdude May 01, 2006

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