William is a dreamy young man with a body that gets the girls going crazy. Also usaly ha brown hair and is good at sports. Is the sexiest man alive.
William is like a dream in real life.
by Wiwill November 04, 2013
William is someone who is kind and gets along with everyone, he is not a fighter and always knows what the right thing to do is. He has a great sense of humour and is capable of making just about anyone laugh. He is a perfect boyfriend and easy to love.
What a great friend William is.
by CW97 September 25, 2014
William is a sweet, caring guy with an amazing sense of humour. He tends to be a player but only ever has a connection with one girl. He never realised that she loved him but will soon x
I love William
by The girl next to you x March 07, 2015
A man who will stay on the phone with you for hours just because. Will give you advice on your first job, will talk about your favorite animals with him.
"William really helped me at my new job at the Pizzeria!"
by vincentsanasshole January 25, 2015
His beyond amazing. The best boyfriend you will ever have. He is funny and cares about others. Handsome and very smart. The best person in this whole universe and all galaxies. He will always put others before himself. Always a happy person. Helps others, very kind and loving. Best hair and there are no words to really describe how amazing he is. If you ever meet him you will fall in love instantly.
William is the best boyfriend a girl could ask for!
by green tea baby face May 27, 2015
A william is a very nice boy who is a good friend (: though they can be very sarcastic & likes to make life difficult for people who are VERY gullable. People like to call them gay, though they are not :) they like to row too, but rather go for a jog than do 45minutes pulling at 2:00 on the ergo ;) they are quite good looking too. :)
William don't tell him I told you that he is annoying!" "Don't worry, I will tell him :)
by Z.f (: June 17, 2011
William loves goats and making pies with tree street thots. A typical William drinks root beer.
Check out that trapper over there. I bet his name is William.
by #treestreet September 02, 2015
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