The pseudonym for the lead singer from the Black Eyed Peas. He is a music producer known for copying (not even re-sampling, literally copying) legendary music that isn't his, and tarnishes it by slapping tacky vocals and untalented beeps and boops all over, then claiming it as his own. A total sellout that sucks so much as a producer, he can't even come up with his own stuff.
Fun Fact: copied "Arty & Mat Zo - Rebound" with his new song "Lets Go" featuring Chris Brown with no permission from the original owners whatsoever.
by NewClear April 17, 2013
A fun guy to be around with. Smart and knows everything. A bit of an egomaniac. William is usually funny at times, but he likes to make lots of "your mom" jokes. Don't try to debate with him, as you'll be disproved very quickly. A perfect match for Grace.

Variants include: Will, Bill.
That person is amazing! He must be William.
by thepioneermonkey May 06, 2013
Sexy beast. He is by far the most amazing person you will ever meet in your whole life. Very adventurous and mysterious. Amazing kisser, will make any girl come back for more. Often teases you but never really means it.
boy Who's that handsome guy?
girl That's my amazing boyfriend William
by Lancer1234565 January 22, 2014
A crazy ass, loud, dysfunctional family.
"Which family are we going to see today?"
"The Williams"
"OH NO."
by rayzbow March 30, 2013
A boy with psychopathic tendencies. Does not show emotion. Has the seven characteristics and is plotting the destruction of the human race as he talks to you.
A: Hmm... that kid over there... We should go talk to him
B: Nah man... that kids a William... he'll decapitate your ass
by Idaho101 December 02, 2011
the most amazing person ever. the one guy who will always be there for you. he'll open doors for you and send you good morning text messages. He'll be there for you all the time, no matter what. He's amazing in ever way. He has gorgeous brown hair, blue eyes that are like the sky on a summer day. He has amazing taste in music and is the most perfect guy ever. He will love you no matter what, and he is just utter perfection.
girl 1: your boyfriend is so cool
girl 2: duh his name is William
by Nerd Girrrrrl April 25, 2013
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