A guy that can be the guy of your dreams. You would feel like he wouldnt notice you, but deep down hes proabably thinking the same thing. He's the type of guy that once you get to know him, you are like best friends and after a while you are pretty much falling inlove with him. He is an amazing kisser and knows where to touch a girl in all the right places. He is an amazing boyfriend and makes you feel like you are his only one. He's the one that you will have late convocations with on the phone until 3am. He will say alot of sweet things to you and make you smile every single day that you spend with him. A William is moody at times and he can get violent and agro, he also would do something that he would regret later. William is also a bit naughty, he will have dirty little convosations with you. He worries you a little bit, but he always tells you not to worry. He is a heartbraker, but he tries to mean well, Once you meet a William, you can never get over one. He would hold you in his arms for hours, kiss you on the forehead and tell you that he loves you, he will hold your hand infront of his mates, and tell you that you are beautiful. You will always love him in a way, and he could never be replaced.
*William holding a girl in his arms*

William: I love you.
Girl: I love you more.
William: Not possible.
Girl: You are my everything.
William: And You are mine.
by IMissMyWilliam18.10.10-24.2.11 August 17, 2011
the best guy you will ever meet, you want to get married to him, who will care for you as much as possible, who doesn't want you to do risky things in case you hurt your self badly, the guy who will make sure you'll never loose him, he might be jealous at times but that is because he cares for you & doesn't want to loose you, he'll make sure you are secure & all his, he is stunning, the perfect guy to be with & you will be lucky that you have him, trust me.
girl: i am lucky to have you

william: i think you can do better

girl: better? yeaah sure, i am happy with you.

william: smile :)
by CL4WH July 21, 2010
The Perfect Prince Charming. He is cute, sweet, hot, funny, hot, hot, and hot. And Kitty's Boyfriend.
William (Will) is Everything!(: <333 143, Babe!
by KittyKaos January 23, 2010
a uniquely wonderful man, sexy, loving and fun. has the ability to make women feel faint with sexual desire in his presence. also cute, funny,clever, polite and respectful, and good and filthy.
on the other hand can be a little arguementative and protest that he loves the mostester whereas he will never win in an mostlove contest.
' i need a man who ticks all the boxes you know?'

'yes you need a william'
by jojo42 February 24, 2010
commonly known as bill. a warmhearted and compassionate individual who enjoys the music of the punk band "bad religion." he is oblivious to how great he is. he is a god! he has strawberry blonde hair and is not so tall in stature. he is the most gorgeous being to ever walk the earth!!!
thats so william!
by hey sunny wheres cher? February 02, 2009
The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He's sweet and perfect. He's the modern-day Romeo and he'll do every cheesy thing you've ever wanted a guy to do.
Oh yeah, he's one of the sexiest guys alive.
Girl 1~ So how's it goin with the new boyfried?
Gril 2~ Oh, William? He's so perfect I'll love him forever!
by datgurlll March 06, 2011
Someone with beautiful eyes. Sometimes appears quiet, but get to know them and they are creative and inspirational.
Kind and considerate, sometimes lets others walk over him.
Like to listen to music that does not reflect his true personality.
He's just like William.
by TsubasaJiyuu January 29, 2012

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