I saw a william in the hood.
by KAITLINNN!(: January 19, 2009
The most selfless person. He can be sarcastic but caring. He tends not to like many people but once he does you will have his friendship forever. If he loves you he will do anything he possibly can to make you happy. He can be critical of others but if he cares about you he see's past every flaw. If a William loves you you are so lucky.
If a William loves you you are so lucky.
by loved. September 05, 2010
Williams is a name that originated in medieval england. It means the descendant or the son of Guillemin, which is the french form of William. Williams is a variation of Wilhelm, the original surname.The name is a combination of Old French terms; will means desire or will, helm means helmet or protection.
Her last name is Williams, which is the second most common surname in Wales.
by MelPinkz June 13, 2009
a boy that goes to your school. he's amazing, of course... he's the most stunning think you'll ever lay your eyes on. he's sweet & funny. he's a beast at video games and never fails at making you happy. he's the boy that you want to date, but you can't because he's taken. taken by a normail girl, unlike yourself. </3
william is amazing,
by Her Self. January 23, 2010
WILLIAM is the #5 most common male name.
2.451% of men in the US are named WILLIAM.
Around 3002475 US men are named WILLIAM!

WILLIAM is the #1118 most common female name.
0.007% of females in the US are named WILLIAM.
Around 8925 US females are named WILLIAM!

WILLIAM is the #731 most common last name.
0.016% of last names in the US are WILLIAM.
Around 40000 US last names are WILLIAM!
William doesn't want tea with that dog.
by SAKURASAKU October 28, 2006
a beautiful, charming, amazing person. is shy, but fun and honest. who should just ask the girl that likes him that he likes out already. what are you waiting for, will?
man, i wish william would ask me out. hes so amazing.
by blondie :) February 23, 2010
A cute, hot, gentleman.

More like Prince Charming.

The Best Boyfriend you can imagine.

Who is simply Hilarious.

And has the Most Prettyful Eyes with Blonde hair to go along with him<333
Kat: I think I've fallen for an angel.

Kat: I've fallen for my Bestest Friend, William. <333
by KittyKaos January 23, 2010

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