A William is perfect boyfriend material. He is the kindest guy you will ever meet, with the purest of hearts. He is always happy and beware this happiness will rub off on you too! A William can always make you laugh and cheer you up in any situation, a caring and funny individual, a keeper.
Wow what a William! He's Gorgeous!
by Lolololozzy May 14, 2011
A fucking stupid nickname for someone called William
Guy: I'm called William but you can call me 'will.i.am'
Girl: Ur a fukin idiot
by Chair. August 21, 2009
William is a really sweet boy, who is beyond amazing. He can always make you smile and laugh, no matter what. He has awesome hair and is incredibly cute. You always want a William in your life, always. No matter even if his girlfriend is a bitch. :
Wow! Did you see how awesome William is?? I WANT ONE!
by taylortwisted June 16, 2009
a wonderful man that would put you on top the world just by being there, doesnt just listen to you but hear your every word, makes you smile, laugh and cry, the one you will never want to let go of. you are always more important than anything else in his eyes. charming, loving and a definate keeper, the best little devil you will ever meet. YOU GOTTA MARRY THIS ONE!!
my william is the best man on earth.
by la_crystalh February 17, 2010
a guy that could at first become your best friend, then suddenly asks you out and becomes the man of your dreams.
William: wanna go out with me?

girl: of course cuz your such a good friend and i luv you
by simply rediculous May 16, 2009
Extremely handsome guy. He's funny, will make you laugh and smile more than you ever thought was possible. Being with him makes you feel like you're on cloud 9. His personality is that that is rare because its so beautiful. He's charming and a complete gentleman. He's kinda goofy, but that only part f his charm. He's the best kisser that a girl can asked for and knows how to touch you in all the right places. He will make you believe you living a fairytale and that you're finally having your story that you read when you're a little girl.

William: your heart beating fast

girl giggles and blush

William starts singing: My body telling me yes, but my mind is saying no

And girl cant get enough of him
by just a girl he use to know February 03, 2010
Apparently this name is #5 in relation to stats that have been taken on popular names. However, usually the person with this name is anything but average. Typically this name goes hand in hand with extremely entertaining individuals. Sometimes dark and mysterious and almost ninja in actions, but always sweet. Williams love to read cookbooks backwards with girls who have a thing for Barnes and Noble (even though this makes them SUPER hungry) They enjoy tasty food and peanut-butter chocolate processed food items like, Reeses. They tend to be super chill and are amazing buddy's who are awesome to kick it with. And to conclude...Williams keep it real, holmes!
William: Can I Kick it?
Desi Des: Yes You Can!
by Miss Ray June 30, 2009
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