The William Wallace - a sexual maneuver based on the fact that during the 13th century, they didn't have running water to clean up. A man and a woman engage in anal intercourse at which after a length of time, the man pulls out, rolls the woman over, and inserts his penis into her vagina in order to clean the detritus off of his shaft. Once he feels it is sufficiently clean, he works up to ejaculation, at which point he yells out , "FREEDOM!".
I didn't want to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up, so I William Wallaced her.
by dirtyernie November 19, 2006
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Sir William Wallace Scottish Patriot and Martyr ,Murdered by the fuckin English in 1305.Totally unheard of outside of Scotland untill Mel Gibson Starred as him in Braveheart now everyone has heard of him! COOL!
englishman: hey that william wallace was a made up character
me: Shut up you stupid english prick before I destroy you!
by The Equaliser May 31, 2006
The most amazin Scot who eva lived...he kicked the english bastards asses until he gets caught and hung, drawn and quartered...Damn the English bastards!!!
They may take our Lives...but theyll never take our FREEDOM
by big_dode November 23, 2004
The brave scot who triumphed over Prou' Edward Longshanks and his English cronies at the Battle of Sterling Bridge. He was soon defeated at the Battle of Falkirk, mostly do to snoody Edward buying all of his allies.
Contrary to Braveheart, William Wallace did not have a mullet.
by El_Haggis September 10, 2006
A Scottish rebel immortalised in the film Braveheart. Despite claims that he murdered men, women, children and religious figures there is no doubt that he fought bravely for his cause.
Eventually he was defeated and subjected to the worst form of capital punishment ever devised. Hanging, drawing and quartering. First dragged to the gallows. Then hung. Then cut down. Then gutted. Then beheaded and cut into quarters. However, this punishment did not have the desired effect and Scottish rebellions would continue for many years.
To this day Wallace remains both a national hero and, to some, an excuse for Anglophobia.
I hate the English. Look what they did to William Wallace!

The execution of William Wallace intensified the resolve of Scottish rebels.
by Tyburn December 07, 2007
Ahh...William Wallace.Considering how oppressive those bloody English are,we probably would be making kippers for them,had it not been for this Bravehaerted man,who sacrificed many things,including his life.So everytime you take a breath,thank William Wallace for being his own Scottish rebel self.

The real question is,did Mel Gibson wear underwear under that kilt?
-A moment of silence for William Wallace....
by meow7 August 18, 2006
The act of first receiving oral sex from a chick until you are close to ejaculating, then pulling your penis out and mushroom stamping the four corners of her face (in homage to William Wallace's limbs being sent to the four corners of England), then crying "Freedom!" as you come on her newly stamped visage, preferably dropping her panties out of your outstretched hand as you do so.
I was feeling patriotic, so I paid homage to the Scots by giving some hood rat the William Wallace.

That cocksucker sure was surprised when I pulled out and William Wallace'd all over her face.

Guy 1: Damn, why does Tanya have four red marks on her face?
Guy 2: Oh, I gave her the William Wallace last night.
Guy 1: Nice. I hope you yelled "Freedom!"
by Lije March 15, 2008
A great man who died for his country without fear.
I stab and punch and chop at will I wear a skirt that's called a kilt. Don't have a beard but I'm Scottish still cause I'm the William Wallace
by MrShadeNG April 12, 2011
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