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A blimp company founded in Virginia by a local hairdresser named Bill. Bill was fascinated with balloons, so him and his lover, Frank decided to make Blimps. On July 16, 2003 Frank was in a serious blimp accident, paralyzing him from the waist down. Bill was devastated because his lover was useless to him, so he moved to Brazil and changed his name to Umberto and was never heard from again. Frank was hurt but when he returned to health, he continued his and bill's dream of having a blimp company , so he used his insurance money from the accident and bought a factory to build blimps. he still need a name for his company and decided to name it Williams Blimps in memory of his lost friend.
William Blimps.self explanatory.
by Umberto's Balloon Stand January 08, 2010
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