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Willetton is a quite big subburb, full of teenagers who fight during parties for nothing.
They are called Willo-rats
Willo-rat1: fuk yeh lets chill at southlands
willo-rat2: yer bru gonna scab smokes at the skate park
willo-rat1: alright lets bail
willo-rat2: i love willetton!
by ANZPOWA2 February 09, 2009
Southern Suburb in Perth, Australia. Has a shopping centre called Southlands, the only thing there. Also the place Rove McManus grew up. Willeton has a diverse population and is about 25% Asian.

Along with Rossmoyne and Applecross, Willetton SHS is one of the highest performing Public Schools in the State. Willo and surrounding suburbs have a high immigrant (mostly asian) population, probably why those schools do so well because they are 50% Asian 50% Other, most who have strict parents do anything to make them go there and force them to do well.

Apart from that a nice place to live with nice people, a lot like most suburbs in Perth.
Guy: Willetton's a nice suburb
by perthguy999 January 16, 2011