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A place where many learn from screaming beasts that u have no idea where they came from or what they want, but you pretend to listen and try not to kill yourself in front of everyone. Then, of course, there are the teachers.

Many believe no one can kick their ass...they tend to reach an average height of 5'1"
I was walking through willard high soul seems a little bit emptier...
by Xolvan Auditore da Willardio August 16, 2011
A place filled with over cocky students, and teachers who are focused on telling the kids that they have no faults. The school district actually gives the art programs money and the bands enforce a band fee.

This means that the High School Band has way to much money and can pay a great drill maker.

They seem to win at every competition they're at, but they don't even have the kahonas to congratulate other bands.

As a result, other opposing bands have a hard time saying the name "Willard" without giving it a a mocking ring, such as the one called out over the intercom at Ozarko.
"Best auxiliary ! Willard!"
"Best Drumline ! Willard!"

"...Thrid Place!... Rockwood!"
the rest of us: "Stop choosing Springfield bands!!"
"...Second Place!... WILLARD High School!"
the rest of us: "Willard didn't get first!!! Yeah!!!"
by An Upset Marcher December 04, 2011

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