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Willa-willa is a slang term for African-Americans. The word originated in Jackson, Michigan USA. A small group of restaurant employees came up with the term. The word supposedly refers to various languages of the African countries where a series of tongue clicks and seemingly rhythmic words of used (Willa-willa click click click). While it appears to be a derogatory term, it is however not nearly as offensive as the word nigger. One can compare Willa-willa to the words Cracker, Honky, and Beaner - used primarily for humour and never for truly malicious cut-downs.
Example 1::Why did the Willa-willa cross the street?
To get to the fried chicken.

Example 2::My best friend is a Willa-willa.
by Aquilus Domini January 03, 2008
a Black American/African American. the term isn't used anywhere outside of Jackson, Michigan, YET. it is derived from the languages of various Black African tribes whose word pronunciations make good use of quick w and l sounds as well as tongue clicks. it is NOT meant to be used as an insult!
My best friend is a Willa Willa.
by Aquilus Domini March 25, 2008

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