One of the best rappers ever! He has done a whole bunch of movies, sold millions of records, and is one of the nicest guys on the planet.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The Pursuit of Happiness
Seven Punds

Will Smith is one of the nicest people ever!
by chvilicek6 July 05, 2009
the hottest damn guy out there, he'll make a straight man turn gay
i wish he was more like will smith
by what do you think? March 13, 2005
An actor/rapper from west philly who simply does not age.
Person A "Have you seen the new movie karate kid?"

Person B "With Will Smith!? Wasn't he just in that Men in Black movie too?"

Person A "Yup, 13 years ago."
by greenout0 January 16, 2013
only THE greatest rapper,actor n person in da whole world. he is 1 damn funny guy! 4 ALL U FUCKERZ WHO BE H8IN ON WILL, U WILL GET WAT U FUCKIN DESERVE.... N DON EVEN THINK THAT IM MESSIN.... COS I FUCKIN AINT.
sugar + spice + laughter + class + buffness + cuteness + skill + phatness + sexyness = WILL SMITH.

i luv u will xxxxxxxxxx
by xxxwillsmith4evaxxx August 21, 2005
an african american actor.. a habarch
will smith is my favorite actor

ya know hes a habarch.
by mancini141 March 14, 2010
An unoffensive black man whose popularity with suburban white kids/housewives is only equaled by Wayne Brady. Later in his career, he established himself as a decent actor but may be ultimately remembered best for inoffensive pop-rap (even my mom told me I could listen to him growing up, but I wasn't that big of a pussy) and "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", which is kind of like the Cosby Show, except it was only watched by white people.
Will Smith is a castrated version of Ice-T and Ice Cube.
by JohnJF April 10, 2008
Good actor, not so good a rapper.

He ain't really straight out the hood like in his show Fresh Prince of bel-air. I mean he ain't no rich kid or nottin but deffinitly not from the worst part of philly, and besides the north part of philly worst then west philly.
Believe it or not Will Smith got accepted to M.I.T. (Massachusett's Institute of Technology) but decided not to go because he chose to pursue his acting career. I mean a guy that almost went to M.I.T. is a rapper and straight out the hood? Maybe he's a better actor then we think...
by some polak September 17, 2004

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