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A suburb of St. Louis, Missouri with a population of 32,884. It is rapidly growing and has the 3rd largest land area of any city in Missouri behind Kansas City and Springfield. Most everyone here is a fan of the Cardinals and Rams. Rams coach Mike Martz lives here, near Chesterfield, MO as well.
Wildwood is pretty big, but has a lot of forests and weird-looking bugs, so I don't go into the forest. Go Cards!!!
by gostlcards June 08, 2005
phillys summer toilet
yall goin to wildwood this summer?
hell yea im gonna get drunk and piss on the beach
by 215215215 September 06, 2006
A small liberal private school for rich spoiled "individuals." Known to many as a hippy school, because of its system of grading that doesn't consist of grades, rather "assesments of our heart and mind."It has crappy overpaid teachers and a crappier sports program. Also has alot of celebritie's kids. Don't go to Wildwood.
Angel: Look at this painting I just created. I call it, Moi.
Alex: Awe yes, so artsy yet to fartsy.

Jessica: I hate my life. My dad only gave me $300 for this weekend!
by Logie BeAr March 07, 2005
a school in los angeles for mostly liberal rich kids. lots of celebreties kids go there, and many emo artsy fartsy kids come from this school. its learning style and 'no grades' grading is fucked up.
i go to wildwood. i suck and can play one thing on the guiter, which automatically makes me cool. worship me. i live in a mansion and act all tough and street.
by _watchas_ April 11, 2005
one of the trashiest shore towns in new jersey. during the off-season, only old, bitchy people live there. decent three-pier boardwalk. trashy, cold water.
"Hey, want to go to wildwood for senior week?"
"No, the only girls there are filthy philly, nj, nyc whores."
"Yea, good thinking, herpes is not how i want to remember senior week."
by brrp June 21, 2006