A bunch of homosexual gamers who cant win any war, and play MMORPGS.
"Hey Mr. Glenn doesn't your clan The Wilderness Guardians suck at warring other clans?""Hey Shadow Elves, we really aren't that great." "Wg Pride"
by Pro tank March 15, 2009
Top Definition
- Top 5 p2p clan
- Awesome community
- Anti-rpkers

Great clan in the game of Runescape and is well known throughout the community. They don't have the best levels of the other Top 15 clans but
their numbers and community makes up for it. As of November 06, they are ranked 13ish with 200+ members.

They also practice the art of anti-rpking in which they do not PK (kill) people in the wild who are not threats. This art is also well-known in the clan community.

Owned BK in an official too (H)
Top P2p clans:
1. Damage Inc
2. Runescape Dinasty
3. The Dynasty
4. Wilderness Guardians
5. Divine Forces
by Total Riot November 18, 2006
A clan on the game Runescape. Decently well known, and growing daily.
I wann jonin the Wilderness Guardians but I think the min combat lvl is 70... bullshiz
by bobie November 18, 2004
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