The female version of freeballing or going commando; wearing no underwear.
Example One:

Amber: "Hey Tamera, those pants are pretty tight, aren't you worried about pantylines?"

Tamera: "No, I'm wildcatting."

Example Two:

Veronica: "It's laundry day so I'm wildcatting."
by KumaZura July 13, 2012
Top Definition
When a female, possibly inebriated, is getting crazy. Attacking people, smashing things and being a general nut.
"She hit me in the face and smashed three glasses against the wall at the bar, but she were just wildcatting, blowin off steam ya know?"
by Jtheteach November 23, 2015
Young men who are on the prowl at local bars for Pumas, Cougars and Jaguars, "OH MY!!!"
"Hey Rich, lets go wildcatting tonight."
by Kyle Finesilver/ B. Lyons April 26, 2007
When someone assigns themself a nickname. That nobody has ever even thought of calling them.
Wildcatting is giving yourself the nickname wildcat. They don't call me "wildcat" for nothing.
by clegger August 04, 2006
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