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Young men who are on the prowl at local bars for Pumas, Cougars and Jaguars, "OH MY!!!"
"Hey Rich, lets go wildcatting tonight."
by Kyle Finesilver/ B. Lyons April 26, 2007
The female version of freeballing or going commando; wearing no underwear.
Example One:

Amber: "Hey Tamera, those pants are pretty tight, aren't you worried about pantylines?"

Tamera: "No, I'm wildcatting."

Example Two:

Veronica: "It's laundry day so I'm wildcatting."
by KumaZura July 13, 2012
When someone assigns themself a nickname. That nobody has ever even thought of calling them.
Wildcatting is giving yourself the nickname wildcat. They don't call me "wildcat" for nothing.
by clegger August 04, 2006