a wildcard in computer world is eg. *?

a * usually represents zero or more any characters, numbers etc, and a ? means any 1 character, number etc.
they're used to denote many files, or search for something (called glob searching)
*.exe for all exe files in some directory
*hotrod* to search for word hotrod anywhere in a doc
by deice May 28, 2003
A smart guy
by Anonymous June 06, 2003
when you surf a porn image gallery, it's the image thumbnail that doesn't load up. Usually represented by the "missing picture" icon, one never knows what the particular image may contain.
i'll take my chances on the wildcard
by danbabaloo November 03, 2006
A person who is really gay but doesn't want to admit it.
Tanner Bernard is a Wildcard.
by Jeremy Benthom December 24, 2010
The action of taking multiple dicks up the ass at once. Only men can be wildcarded.
"Aww man i just got surprise wildcarded last night"
"My anus drew the wildcard and its bleeding now"
by DaFool Fucked Wildcard's mom January 07, 2010
In baseball, when a team is too sucking to win their own division, they might still make it to the playoffs because of wildcard (which is like the biggest faggot invention ever, except for umpires), where the best team that didn't win their division in each league wins. Look if you can't win your own division you might as well not even play in the playoffs. Wildcard teams are pussy teams since they're too pussy to win their division.
Wildcard is the biggest faggot invention ever.
by anonymous August 02, 2004
when your chillin with your boys and very unexpected, yet suprisingly welcome events/phrases are presented to you; shouting out "wild card", is a way of "calling out" such events
sickfootballplayer1: u chillin?
sicksoccerplayer1: im chillin
sickfootballplayer2: word
sicksoccerplayer2: nice nice
slutsophmorewiththepornostarvoice: i like to rub my clit when i think about other girls!
sickathletes in unison: damn, wild card!
by the urbanator October 26, 2004

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