A wild snorlax is a mythical beast with large owl-like eyes with which it can penetrate the darkest of depths. A strong stork like beak which it uses to tear through even the thickest of skin allowing it to get whatever it desires. Upon it’s head is draped a mess of thin straight hair parting to the sides behind the two human-like ears it owns. Ears used not for hearing but to help it to better blend in with mankind, on which it preys. In addition to ears, the wild snorlax walks upright, drawing many a weak hearted to her hungry talons. For the only wild snorlax that exists is female. It must breed with a man, after each breeding she feasts on the mans flesh and of ever fifteen men she breeds with only one man will successfully impregnate her. Once impregnated, the wild snorlax hibernates for 2 years, month 24, a beast is born. In conclusion a snorlax is the ugliest of available females, not even human! And each snorlax reproduces only enough for their species to survive. But all males must be wary of her DEADLY desires.
Subi: Bro, what's the curious aroma creeping under the doorway?
Tony: I have no idea
(Subi cracks open the door, and draws back in fear.)
Tony: What is that hideous rotund bohemoth of a woman?
Subi: It's the Wild Snorlax! Take cover!

by Yaktown's Finest September 18, 2008
Top Definition
A fat woman or ugly girl who should just give up, or (if you are gay enough to know)a pokemon. If u see any of the above a wild snorlax is the correct way to reference them.
Guy "wow look, that wild snorlax just fell over in a game of womans football"
John "thats pretty god damm ugly, fucking snorlax's"
by Captain Meander August 15, 2008
an extremely fat person
Look at that wild snorlax over there
by lirot97 January 07, 2012
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