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When you eat somewhere (i.e hospitals, other peoples houses, your own, etc) and not knowing what your having/eating. You can also say "I had wild turkey surprise, surprise, there's no turkey!" meaning you could be eating anything and you can't identify or recognize what it is.
Person 1: Ugh, the Hospital food was just gross, I couldn't identify it.

Person 2: Really? You couldn't recognize it?

Person 1: Yeah, I had wild turkey surprise, surprise, there's no turkey!
by SuperIvan98 July 01, 2011
After drinking a gallon and a half of Wild Turkey Whiskey; the next day you find that the hot chick you took home is not a chick.
Dude 1 Did you see the dude lip locking that hot chick.
Dude 2 Yo dude That's no chick that's a Wild Turkey Surprise.
by dumb ethel April 02, 2011
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