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A nearly extinct mammal that lives in highly forested areas. The wild bologna are a fierce creature, building from the size of an SUV to a tiger tank. Bolognas take a while to build up speed, but when they do they can run for days on end. They look like the massive leeches on the King Kong movie. The Bolognas can open there mouth, and inside that mouth, there are several other small mouths. Not many of these beautiful creatures are left. The remainder are located in Newfoundland, Canada. There may be more in the world, but they have not yet been located. Over time, the Bolognas evolved into a flying bologna. The flying wild bolognas are a type of bird, except with razor sharp teeth, massive claws, and wing span which reaches 12 to 14 feet. The bolognas do occasionally mate, but due to there large size, when they mate, they would usually perish. The bolognas constantly let out a large glass shattering screech that can be heard from miles and miles away, and can some times deafen other animals, leaving them as easy pray for the Bolognas. The Bolognas also screech to keep in contact and let other Bolognas know that they are out there. Some Bolognas have been known to let out a screech just before death. They also screech as a warning call. The Bolognas can be harmless to humans, unless they are hungry, or unless you get in there path while they are in motion.
Person 1: Did you hear that?
Person 2: Yeah, must be a Wild Bologna.
by Risown August 09, 2008
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